Totally Normal NeXT Computer Shenanigans

Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code ActionRetro If you need the best UNIXy computing experience that 1990 has to offer, look no further than NeXT! Today, we're spicing up a NeXTStation Color and talking about how this obscure line of machines helped push computing forward. LINKS: ------------------ ???? Born to Break Computers Shirt: ???? ctrl-alt-rees guide: ???? Rees' channel: @ctrlaltrees ???? @MacintoshLibrarian's NeXT BlueSCSI video: ???? Mac84: @Mac84 (Amazon links are affiliated links) ══════════════════════════ ???? For more vintage Apple stuff, please subscribe: ???? Support these retro computing shenanigans on Patreon! ══════════════════════════ Check out my Amazon page with links to my tools, adapters, soldering equipment, camera gear and more: ══════════════════════════ ???? Come talk about old computers on the BitBang Social Mastodon! ══════════════════════════ #NeXT #SteveJobs #68K 


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